FLORE M – Program “Route 66” on RDL Colmar

Radio program of Flore M and its composer Patrick Faller – with David Baerst

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podcast of the interview:

My first interview programmed for an artist Flore M, accompanied by Patrick Faller guitarist and composer of “This is Who i M”. He is honoured in this studio of RDL Colmar. A nice show where the artists were able to play some titles live.

A nice meeting also with David Baerst, who at the beginning of the show made a very nice introduction on the artist Flore M, that I share with pleasure.

“Live from the studio with Flore M

If there is one notion that seems to have been cut out for our guest of the day, it is, without a doubt, that of spirituality. Indeed, the singer Flore M has already forged a fine reputation for herself, borrowing from the various meanings of this term.

Religion, since the young woman comes from the effective and rigorous school of gospel, but also philosophy which (in this case) opposes matter to spirit.

Finally, the word spirituality also sticks to her skin, because it is a vector of meaning, hope and above all liberation. A liberation expressed in sounds and gestures on the regional scenes of Chicago, Detroit or New Orleans when a few innovative artists (answering to the names of Clyde McPhatter, Hank Ballard, Etta James, Ray Charles, Bobby Womack, Sam Cooke, Salomon Burke or even Ben E. King) set out to clash their rhythm and blues with the sacred and secular music of their forebears, thus creating soul music at the end of the 1950s.

This is a genre that is still growing in popularity today, thanks to a large number of new musicians from all over the world. In their own way, they are revitalising a whole genre that is in no need of a facelift.

Flore M is one of them and will demonstrate this during the following hour, which will allow her to go back over her career and her aspirations… While presenting her latest album “This is Who i M”.

A record made up of original compositions, often elaborated with the one who still accompanies him here, the guitarist Patrick Faller.

Songs that all seem to have been written to heal our soul… On Route 66.”

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FLORE M – “Retour aux sources” tour

Press / Media Relation
December 2017, Flore M tour in the East of France

Flore M’s tour consisted of 7 concerts throughout the Grand Est region of France, including Lorraine (Nancy, Metz, Phalsbourg) and Alsace (Ribeauvillé, Gunsbach, Reichstett, Entzheim).

My mission as a press relations officer:

Announcement of the concerts via a press release to all local and regional press.

Announcement of the concerts and broadcasting of his EP “This is Who i M” on local and regional radio and TV.


  • France 3 Lorraine :  TV news12H – with Régis Gaudu


  • Radio EST FM – with Sylvie
  • Radio ARC EN CIEL – with Jonas Chatelain
  • Radio JUDAICA – with Lionel Courtot and Christel Kern


  • Article in the DNA of Ribeauvillé
  • Concert announcement in the Magazine Mix
  • Article in the l’Est Républicain

DJOKLA – Radio Broadcast “Paradiso” on R.T.S 1ère

R.T.S 1ère – Swiss radio and television in Lausanne with Yann Zitouni

Podcast of the show:

The journalist, passionate about music, received us in his recording studio to present the artist DJOKLA. In the show, the journalist talks about his love for the album “Groov’ Kréyòl“, released in July 2016, produced under the artistic direction of Thierry Vaton (The piano in Creole music, Mizikopéi, Andy Narrell, Kassav, Angélique Kidjo, Dany Brillant, …)

DJOKLA, surrounded by his musicians, Yannick Eichert (guitar), Diaz Da Silva (drums) and Raphael Al Aedy (double bass) played two live tracks ” Blues Kréyòl ” and ” Grenn Lavi “.

A short biography of the artist:

DJOKLA was born in Martinique, a French island in the Caribbean.

He expresses his strength by drawing on the traditional resonances of his native country. To pay homage to his homeland, he chose a Creole pseudonym in 2010. Inspired by his Caribbean roots, he approaches themes, songs and rhythms in a profound, playful and festive way.

In a spirit that includes Creole sounds, African harmonies and Brazilian melodies, DJOKLA explores contemporary music.

DJOKLA creates a musical energy, rich in colours, on catchy rhythms. Accompanied in his project by a talented team, who share his values, he makes joy, love and life resonate…

A few words about the album Groov’ Kréyòl:

In this album, the artist offers us a concentrate of Caribbean rhythms. He has the particularity to choose the rhythms of his culture according to the message he transmits to us.

This originality allows us to present a large number of styles little known in France or even around the world.

Kalaja and Quadrille mixed with Blues, Rock and Funk for racy sounds open to the world.

DJOKLA (Vocals – Keyboard) ; Thierry VATON (Keyboard) ; Jean-Philippe FANFANT (Drums) ; Rody CEREYON ” Justwody ” (Bass) ; Boris REINE-ADELAÏDE (Percussion) ; Yannick EICHERT (Guitar) ; Claudine PENNONT (Choir) ; Béatrice POULOT (Choir)

Produced by

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MAGALIE SARAH LOEFFLER & MIGUEL RUIZ – EP Release “Le voleur du temps”

Press / Media Relation
National release on 20 January 2018

crédit photo : Pixitty

Announcement of the concerts and broadcasting of the EP “Le Voleur du Temps” on local and regional radios and TV + radio interviews.


  • Broadcast of the teaser of Magalie Sarah Loeffler and Miguel Ruiz every hour – Nancy TV Web


  • Radio LIBERTÉ
  • Radio MNE
  • Radio R.B.S.
  • Radio France bleu Alsace


  • Article – DNA Strasbourg page région/culture 
article DNA Strasbourg
  • annoucement – WI WO WAS
  • Article – le DNA d’Erstein, de Souffelweyersheim

The nomadic spirit! An invitation to travel!

Their musical universe is tinged with swing, Latin music and gypsy accents. It evokes an atmosphere linked to the gypsy culture on French lyrics.

With her guitar in hand, Magalie Sarah sings and tells family stories with sincerity, tenderness and self-derision.

With his guitar, Miguel Ruiz creates a setting with a strong Spanish tradition and an almost rock-like energy.

Magalie Sarah and Miguel build a special relationship with the public, revealing their roots and their emotional stories.

The opus named “Le Voleur du temps” was released on 20 January 2018 in physical and digital format and was presented to the public at concerts in 2018.

PASCAL VECCA – Press Relation – Christmas tour

Press Relations + Event Promotion + Management
“Pascal Vecca chante Noël” tour in Alsace,
October / November / December 2018


  • Broadcast “Salut l’Artiste” on Radio Fréquence Verte
  • Broadcast “Agenda culturel” on France Bleu Alsace
  • Radio programme “La Gazette 100 % musique” on Radio RDL 103.1 Colmar
  • Radio programme “Il est de chasser l’ennui” on Radio Judaïca


  • TV show “Matin Alsace” – with Hervé Aeschbaechler – France 3 Alsace
  • TV show “JT de 19H” – with Lionel Augier – Alsace 20


  • Article DNA – Haguenau
  • Article DNA – Strasbourg

Announcement Cultural Agenda on JDS, Est FM, France Bleu Elsass / Annoucement Cultural Agenda on radio : RBS, France Bleu Alsace, and Judaïca

A European Tour of Traditional Christmas Songs


After his incredible year on the musical stages of Europa-Park, Pascal VECCA returns to the forefront of the regional scene during the Christmas period.

He puts his crooner’s voice at the service of a multilingual “jazzy” repertoire (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish), made up of traditional Christmas songs (and a few lesser-known nuggets) in the colours of Europe.

This was a great opportunity for him to combine the spirit of Christmas, family, tradition and the bringing together of cultures. He also shows his attachment to Europe, because he has many origins: Italian, German and Polish.

Surrounded by his talented musicians, Laura Strubel on piano, Christian Ott on guitar and Pilou Wurtz on double bass. Pascal Vecca will offer the audience an evening rich in emotion and sharing.

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FAWZY AL-AIEDY – Album Release “Ishtar Connection”

Press / Media Relations


  • La planète bleue – with Yves Blanc – Podcast of 5/10/19 – Broadcast in 85 countries
  • Radio Judaica – with Jean Daniel Burkhart – Guest in the programme
  • Radio Web Passion – with Patrice Pannekouche – Interview + 3 track show
  • Radio beur FM – with Mourad Achour – Guest on the show “Café des artistes”

Broadcasting on playlist:

  • Radio Alternantes FM – quota network
  • Radio Campus Lille – diffusion
  • Radio Soleil – diffusion
  • Radio Orient – with Zouhour Kannada


  • TV5 Monde – with Xavier Marquet


  • Magazine Or Normes – with Véronique Leblanc – Article – December 2019 Issue
  • Elaph.com – with Leila Murr – Article 

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National release on May 24th 2018
of the physical CD and on all platforms

photo credit: KonyC

Press / Media Relations

TV :

  • Broadcast of the clip Hype Hope on NancyTV.web

Radios :

  • Radio Bayou Blue Radio : interview with Brisa Roché broadcast in July and August
  • Radio JazzBox Radio Internationale : interview émission
  • Radio MNE 107.1 Mulhouse : interview émission “Le jazz dans tous ces états”

Press / Mag:

  • article : interview in Bel7infos

“A musical journey, around Jazz, rich, original, and beyond styles”.

Emmanuel Guirguis, composer and multi-instrumentalist, presents his very first album “Jazz Flour“. The name of his album evokes an intensive use of jazz.

To create this opus, Emmanuel Guirguis invited famous musicians and performers from different genres: Soul, Funk and Jazz.

Influenced by the cinematic universe, the album is much more than musical, it is a road movie. With its 10 tracks that don’t sound alike, “Jazz Flour” arouses surprising emotions and stimulates the listener’s imagination.

The album is a man with music from series of his childhood (Shaman), the evocation of the arid zones of Egypt (Desert Landscape) and a Soul ballad in New York with Keh-Mey. The album “JazzFlour” evokes the journey and personality of an electric musician.

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