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Podcast of the show:

The journalist, passionate about music, received us in his recording studio to present the artist DJOKLA. In the show, the journalist talks about his love for the album “Groov’ Kréyòl“, released in July 2016, produced under the artistic direction of Thierry Vaton (The piano in Creole music, Mizikopéi, Andy Narrell, Kassav, Angélique Kidjo, Dany Brillant, …)

DJOKLA, surrounded by his musicians, Yannick Eichert (guitar), Diaz Da Silva (drums) and Raphael Al Aedy (double bass) played two live tracks ” Blues Kréyòl ” and ” Grenn Lavi “.

A short biography of the artist:

DJOKLA was born in Martinique, a French island in the Caribbean.

He expresses his strength by drawing on the traditional resonances of his native country. To pay homage to his homeland, he chose a Creole pseudonym in 2010. Inspired by his Caribbean roots, he approaches themes, songs and rhythms in a profound, playful and festive way.

In a spirit that includes Creole sounds, African harmonies and Brazilian melodies, DJOKLA explores contemporary music.

DJOKLA creates a musical energy, rich in colours, on catchy rhythms. Accompanied in his project by a talented team, who share his values, he makes joy, love and life resonate…

A few words about the album Groov’ Kréyòl:

In this album, the artist offers us a concentrate of Caribbean rhythms. He has the particularity to choose the rhythms of his culture according to the message he transmits to us.

This originality allows us to present a large number of styles little known in France or even around the world.

Kalaja and Quadrille mixed with Blues, Rock and Funk for racy sounds open to the world.

DJOKLA (Vocals – Keyboard) ; Thierry VATON (Keyboard) ; Jean-Philippe FANFANT (Drums) ; Rody CEREYON ” Justwody ” (Bass) ; Boris REINE-ADELAÏDE (Percussion) ; Yannick EICHERT (Guitar) ; Claudine PENNONT (Choir) ; Béatrice POULOT (Choir)

Produced by

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