National release on May 24th 2018
of the physical CD and on all platforms

photo credit: KonyC

Press / Media Relations

TV :

  • Broadcast of the clip Hype Hope on NancyTV.web

Radios :

  • Radio Bayou Blue Radio : interview with Brisa Roché broadcast in July and August
  • Radio JazzBox Radio Internationale : interview émission
  • Radio MNE 107.1 Mulhouse : interview émission “Le jazz dans tous ces états”

Press / Mag:

  • article : interview in Bel7infos

“A musical journey, around Jazz, rich, original, and beyond styles”.

Emmanuel Guirguis, composer and multi-instrumentalist, presents his very first album “Jazz Flour“. The name of his album evokes an intensive use of jazz.

To create this opus, Emmanuel Guirguis invited famous musicians and performers from different genres: Soul, Funk and Jazz.

Influenced by the cinematic universe, the album is much more than musical, it is a road movie. With its 10 tracks that don’t sound alike, “Jazz Flour” arouses surprising emotions and stimulates the listener’s imagination.

The album is a man with music from series of his childhood (Shaman), the evocation of the arid zones of Egypt (Desert Landscape) and a Soul ballad in New York with Keh-Mey. The album “JazzFlour” evokes the journey and personality of an electric musician.

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